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friendlypinet's Journal

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Hmm...Who am I? The Eternal Question.
What Do I Do? Well in a certain obvious way to the friends list, they already know something about me. I suppose I should mention something to the people who don't know me.
OK, I'm a Japanese American: Nissie/2nd Generation.
I'm an actor. Not Japanese enough for the movie "Pearl Harbor" but just querky enough to be Internationally known as "Mr.Shake Hands Man"/Mr.Shakes-Hands Man/Mr.ShakeyHandsMan/Mr.Shake Hands Man #2/Mr.Shake Hands Man-USA" from the B.A.F.T.A. award winning Gameshow from the United Kingdom "BANZAI".
I am listed in the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) amongst other places. I'm also a comedian, a writer, editor, or at least a Jack of Most Trades in "The Biz". However currently a Freelancer/Indie kind of guy.
Things tend to happen around me..in the weird sort of way sometimes.
I have a wide variety of interests. Just by linking to me you probably have make your 6degrees to Kevin Bacon down to "1". :)

And was seen on NBC's HEROES Episode 2 "Don't Look Back" as Det. Furokawa. OR the NYPD Detective who is translating for "Hiro Nakamura" near the end of the Episode.
Questions?, Questions? Beuller?
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