Happy Hollidays-2011 to 2012

Hallo Kiddies
Happy Hollidays and a wish for a Happy New Year for 2012: May it be better than the last! :)

So I had a great Christmas with the Parental Units.
Now I gear up for Anime Los Angeles in January.
But First i the NYE Performance at the Park Plaza in LA for L.A.C.M.A. and Sypher Arts Studios.
Apparently I'm going to be siging on stage.. one song I think.
It's a Roaring 20's theme.. and drat didnt' have the funds or time to get a  Tux "tails" jacket.. oh well.  I may have something in the Tux closet.. :D

I hope that this finds you all Safe, Happy, Healthy and well.
See you in the Future.. XD

Tadao T.

My New Years Eve- 2011-2012
21 and Over Please! I am working with Sypher Arts and LACMA! I Think I am Singing.. details as they come in.. :)

It's UP!  ON Directorslive.  My freelance interview/Edit with Slavik

It may be a bit slow.. or it's just my computer. :)
Have fun.

Short Film Role!! Spot the LOONY!
I am in this Short Film From Canon.  Spot the LOONY! http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2011/11/08/amazing-blade-runner-ish-short-xxit-video/


IT"S UP THAT THING I COULDN"T TALK ABOUT>> I"M WAAAY DOWN Looking Kabuki and Geeky Behind Martin Scorseci??!! WHEEEE!!!

A thought
From a Friend "You Can get more Flies with a 30mm Water cannon than with Honey...But the collateral damage...."

Just another Day.

So It;s been a whle to post here on LJ.  It's since they don't allow my messaging from my not so smart phone.  Sigh.

So in a short way.. No word yet on if I am receiving "refugee" cousins/cousinetts/neices/nephews.  The further along the less likely it seems.  However now they have discovered I live REALLLYYY Close to DISNEYLAND... I may be doomed either way..  :D

So slowly but surely I am cleaning the apt.
Today there is plumbing to be done.. so life is on hold.

Projects or a million in the works.  However still having some problems in order to do my "Steampunk Art/Wepons" and other props people want me to do.

and life once again nudges me... well not so gently..but quieter than most.  A aquaintance passed to the next world.  The only thing I really did was help her with her laptops.  she kindly repaid in cheese sticks.  And at the time mentioned if I was traveling she'd be able to get me great rooms at a fancey hotel chain across the globe.  never took her up on it.  I know I know.. Even If I kept more in contact.. I probabaly couldn't have changed anything.. but still.  She was only 37? 38?

Life continues...in a very mild meloncoly way today..


Costume College 2011
Costume College 2011 Done for Now: Thank you to everyone who Volunteered and Attended.. and my phone battery Died.. recharging. And Hopefully I will be doing that soon.. myself.. :-*

Notes for June:
It's not all that positive so you may want to skip most of this.
Positive: I have been helping some friends with a small film/webisode. But involved a old Vanity.. and my little car. :-*
But it went well I think. more later.
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From Tadao Mild Stuff
Sooo.. Mild update: After visiting home with the Parents.
The Japan situation is meh.. there is some sort of progress... and well we still don't know if we are playing guardian...Nooottt that I'm pushing for an answer.. But some. Improvement..

Went to Gaslamp Gathering. Good event, kudos to the Con and Crew for making it Happen!


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