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So Today the 13th?
Anywho : I should start with Yesterday: Ironically the Tub in the bathroom wouldn’t shut off and was going on Full with both hot and cold. Notified my Manager : half an hour later.. it was fixed.

Today: was try to get up early.. after discovering.. I had somehow missed the bed and was on the floor?? Or did I roll off.. but doesn’t explain why I was at the wrong end of the bed from usual?

Tried to get motivated.. was a bit apprehensive on the shower.
Tried to get laundry done.. I wanted to get to the Sypher Veritas Workshop early… like 10ish.. 9 at best.
But by the time.. 9:30 rolled in.. I only got the laundry half dried… so sitting allover the bedroom drying.

Zoomed out the door. Had to stop by the grocery store.

*This note edited out*

I got in.. looked at the short shopping list and halfway down the aisle. realized I had left the house without the wallet: aka the Driver’s License, the credit cards. Etc.
So out again, home again, hoping not be pulled over.

Into the Apt.
Finding wallet. Out again.. But realizing I needed to get to the ATM. And gas.
I got the BOA. And oddly it is the same one from the North Hollywood Shootout… No no don’t go there.

But at the ATM. My ATM Card was Non-functional,
I get to the helpufll assistant “Samantha” and she looks for why my card was “declined” Not in use, taken offline. “No Longer Valid”.

And BOA took it offline… with no apparent reason. The suggestion was that if I had used it at some major stores. Those stores could have been hacked.. so for my own protection. They made my ATM “No Longer Valid”. Or I had been Hacked. The possibilities were endless.
No funky transactions. Nothing IMMEDIATELY seemed to be missing money wise.

And they had re-issued a card for me on 5-31. Wait it is June 13. I should have gotten it by now.

So another trip home to look thru the mail, get the current mail. Nothing fitting the description/possible description.
Getting the mail I missed. Still nothing meeting description. Checking with Apt. Manager. Anything weird happening since I’ve been going. Query about mail occurs.
And apparently he mailman has been possibly putting the wrong mail in the wrong mailboxes… oh.. oh dear.. oooohhh great.
As I prepare to leave the apt for the 3rd.?? Time..

Gas light is going off. I get back to the bank.. Make an appt. to get a Temp card. Cancel the current.. get re issued one. That I didn’t know I was getting in the first place.. either by email or otherwise.
Having Flashbacks to 3 years ago when a similar thing happened.

Waiting in the lobby… for a while and relizing I can’t quite call out.. I can text, Receive text. But for some reason I can’t call out.. I get a call in..
And think maybe it’s the bank or the area.

Get the Temp card.
Explain the possibility of the mail.. and Why wasn’t I told.. and why was it more than a week ago.. and why was I able to use it.. Who got hacked. Me, Them.

Finally new card. Kept old card to shred. Tested new card.. go a statement. Nothing seems to have changed.

Off to the gas station. Gas 4.09. I get to the pumps and the signs say the systems are down. No ATM, Debit. Credit. Cash ONLY.

So down the street to the other gas station. Aaanddd… A woman behind me at the other pump has a car that sounds like it will explode or suddenly go into gear…

Then Back to grocery Store..
Then off to Sypher to work. And now I am just drained.. :-p bleach.

And who knows what else will happen today..
So that’s been the interesting time…
Not much in reality. But blarg.. Hi

To be fair tho: the Positives so far was a wonderful beef stew that the Twins brought in. Having friends. And realizing that without some oddities in adventures I’d have a dull life. And I know out there there is worse.. so.. meh.. just draining..

Tadao is going to be quite today.. in a corner..

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Time to take a long, hot bath with a cup of tea and a good book.

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