Where in the World is...
So I think my last journal entry was 2012. wow.

it's taken me a while to well anything at this point really.

I post now a days to FB etc. and Honestly I'm not sure who still uses LJ..
But for those who are here.

I have been away from public life and cut back on appearances and going to conventions etc.

Major family issues came up over the last 2-3 years. And I have been dealing with family and dropped my life to take care of well everything else.

It has been tragedy in several levels. So saying it will get better is.. not really applicable in several cases. Sorry just the way I see it.

I'm not up to talking about it right now. and I know I've like posted this like a few times. I just keep realizing there is another group of friends/social media who may not have see it on other media sorta things.

any-who. I most likely not posting here as much.
The things I truly want to say I just can't.
just thought you should know.
see you when I see you or other media I suppose.


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